Agile Methodology

The Agile Methodology is another method we adopt at the Honest Tech Guys to go hand in hand with Lean App Development

By definition, Agile means staying lightweight, learning about the environment and adapting quickly.

These qualities are reflected in the way we carry out our development:

i) Grouping work into short bursts of tasks that can be rapidly executed to maximise efficienc

ii) Calibrate frequently to drive more results-driven projects to meet top line goals

iii) Adaptation to new plans based on big data to allow for innovative ideas to surface

Why go Agile?

It is a big challenge to turn an idea into a commercially viable business especially in the area of App Development. Running a business on a digital platform means that the App is exposed to both domestic and international stressors including political, economic, social and environmental factors.

For example, the Fintech landscape in Malaysia is rapidly evolving with regulators having to keep up with new Apps that are coming out with solutions related to tech, money and finance. These developments continue to run headlines that garner ​polarising feedback and results​ from new and older generations because the political, economic, social and environmental factors are heavily convoluted, and it is set to cause a tech disruption in the very near future.

Staying Agile accounts for such factors that may turn into potential hazards without any foreseeable warning. As such, is the best approach for such volatility in the early stages until a time when the industry matures.

How the Agile Methodology differs from the traditional method of app development?

Although some might argue that this method of working could be frustrating for team members due to the constant back on forth, it is essential to distinguish the Agile Method from ordinary working mechanics that most are more familiar with such as manufacturing.

For example, in manufacturing, it is all about consistency where routine changes are least expected especially at production or assembly lines. In other words, the manufacturing systems favour replication for mass production purposes. It is what we would call a “One for all system” that delivers consistent results day in and day out.

Unlike manufacturing, the Agile methodology is an “All for one system” whereby the app produced needs to be robust for multiple users with different consumption patterns, ​and yet they share ​the same platform.

Therefore, all the notable features in each stage of the App development need to go through the same stress test of the Agile Methodology to improve its chances of success when launching and increased abilities to sustain throughout its business life cycle. For us, it would start from the ideas conveyed by you, our clients right through to the delivery. Here are the five stages of app development:

i) Idea: Early discussions to understand your ideas and turn it into a blueprint

ii) Design: Outline conceptual designs and architectural framework based on the research blueprint

iii) Development: Collaborate with our team of developers to build your app (frontend and backend)

iv) Execution: Track your milestone development progress based on a set timeline

v) Testing: Get analytics from our centralised reporting system to optimise your App.

The Agile methodology in App development is an intersection between the social consolidation of ideas and opinions as much as it is an exercise to deliver cost-efficient results.

Some of our ​day to day​ practices at The Honest Tech Guys include:

  1. Timely delivery of software updates as a measurement of progress
  2. Adapting to changing requirements, even in late development
  3. Incorporating ​centralised reporting​ ​for open communications with our client
  4. Sustainable development by maintaining a constant pace of growth
  5. Simplicity — between design excellence and technical execution.

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