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The lifeline of any app that is built centres around the validation of your ideas as quickly as possible once you launch your app. For validation to take place, the process relies on getting solid data from user adoption. With millions of apps in the marketplace, it can prove to be daunting to find your way around gaining the early traction that you need from users to validate your idea.

While you get the benefit of lean and agile app development by working with us, you can also choose from our comprehensive App Marketing services to boost your campaigns. You get to maximise the brand exposure that you need in each successive stage of your app development until your app matures in the marketplace with consistent results.

List of Services

Strategic Counsel: Discuss with our team to layout the strategic blueprint that best fits your go-to-market strategy. Find out how you can leverage on our tried and tested frameworks that have become the foundation for hundreds of apps that we have collectively launched over the past decade.

App Store Optimisation: We will ensure that your apps are optimised to the recommended guidelines of the App Store and Google Play so that you do not miss out on opportunities to get discovered in the marketplace.

SEO: Engage us to provide you with Search Engine Optimisation friendly writing to explain your idea, product or services. This allows your content to rank for specific search terms to improve your readership score for the benefit of your users.

SEM: Combine SEO writing with Search Engine Marketing to promote your content to the most relevant users searching for information online. This improves your cost efficiency of maximising your reach to highly relevant users based on their search intent.

Social Media Marketing: Run your social media campaigns across the three largest social platforms in Malaysia namely Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. These platforms consistently provide our clients with their returns on ads spent, making them one of our core services in app marketing.

Conversion Optimisation: We deploy passive and active call-to-action strategies to encourage your users to take action and engage with your content. These are meant to help you to build your list of contacts as well as to meet your marketing objectives to grow your App.

Drip Campaign Marketing: Send highly segmented mass emails consistently to nurture your contacts and increase your App engagement. Our team will help you to craft your content to include engaging news items, tips and promotions about your App.

Data Analytics:  Our team will collate your data and run detailed test models to help you understand the progress of your campaigns and suggest new objectives to improve your App marketing. We will present you with information so that you get the driver’s seat to take actions based on proven data to keep your marketing objectives on track.

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