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I have an Idea but where do I start?

If you have an idea, the best place to start is to find out the market consensus and how people are reacting to ideas similar to yours. Research your competitors and understand their value proposition so that you can look for opportunities whereby you are confident that you can pursue your idea further. You do not need any technical background in app or software development as we can accommodate your requests as long as you are clear with your goals and objectives.

How much does it usually cost to make a full app for commercialization?

The amount depends on the scope of work that you require, we have a 1 day turn around time to provide a rough estimate to clients for each unique project, for more standard projects an estimation could be given within 2 hours.

How long does it take from Idea to a Prototype?

With our lean and agile methodologies, we estimate that a typical project to develop an app takes about 8 to 10 weeks from idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) where you can then introduce your idea to early adopters in the market or to investors to grow your app and collect feedback for further development.

I lack the financial resources to build an App, What do I do?

Speak to us to refine your idea. We have a team to help you make the best decision for your project so that you only spend on the scope of work that you need to get your app published.

My idea is complex and out of this world, can HTG deal with it?

We have a robust team built from years of experience developing over 50 commercial apps and software with varying requirements worldwide. Schedule a consultation with our team so that we can better understand your objectives beforehand.

If I am not based in Malaysia, Can HTG still take on my projects?

Yes, please contact us to let us know your requirements. Although we are based in Malaysia (HQ office), we also have team members that are location independent, meaning that we have team members based in greater Asia and Europe working in different time zones.

Now I have my site up, but there is little or no traffic, or I want to grow the traffic influx into my site, can HTG help?

Yes, we also provide app and digital marketing services to help you grow your app. For more information, please visit our services page or email us [links]

If I would like to revive a dormant project or one that is partially developed, would it be possible to work with your company?

Yes, please share your project brief with us so that we can pick up from where your project was last updated.

My organisation requires ad-hoc Software IT support for maintenance/upgrades for our IT system, App, or software. Can I outsource them to your company?

Yes, we accept work on a project basis. Please contact our team to request for a proposal.

I'm looking for a partner for my App/Software startup, can I work with the Honest Tech Guys to grow my business?

Yes, we are open to partnerships and collaboration if you can demonstrate that your product has leverage on the marketplace. Please email us to find out more information about the application process.

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