Do you need to launch an app for your business enterprise within the Apple ecosystem?

Apple thrives in the consumer tech market by bridging its superior user experience with design elegance. Part of the reason is due to Apple’s unique market position because it is the leading company that has successfully designed and developed its own native iOS system to power its hardware and software.

Over the years, Apple continues to release premium hardware to support its software and dominate the sales for consumer tech products in the premium market. As such, most users choose Apple as a brand entity to make the most out of its ecosystem because of its superior user experience and ease of integration with other native devices. The iPhone is still Apple’s best selling flagship device with over a billion units sold since mid-2016.

To achieve such a unique market position, Apple sets a higher demand for compliance with its App store for developers. These standards are necessary to retain a pleasant user experience for its users including data safety and the quality of individual applications covering, design, usability and stability. As a result, the App Store enjoys a higher response for paid applications including direct app purchases and also subscription apps compared to Android.


Launching your App on iOS

Whether you are looking to develop an app for a game, finance, sports, news, entertainment, design or education. Speak to our qualified team to help understand the path towards launching a lean and sustainable application on iOS.

With our fluency in agile programming such as Objective-C and Swift, our team is not just focused on crafting apps that meet your needs, but also ensure that the developed mobile app follows stringent guidelines of the App store as well as leaving room for scaling up your requirements.

Our iOS developers keep track of new announcements made by Apple each year at the Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC to help us stay at the forefront of development. These include opportunities for you to eventually transition your app to fit the iPad and the booming iWatch market which continues to receive excellent feedback from users.

Consider iOS if you are a first-time app developer due to its pre-crafted interfaces, a limited skew of native devices and overall shorter development process when utilising our lean and agile methodologies.

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