Lean Methodology

Sustaining your app development by staying Lean.

Before we tell you why it is important, here is a backstory that you may be familiar with. It is the story of how the unicorns such as Instagram and Airbnb started from humble beginnings.

So you are excited about your new app idea for your company, it started from an observation you had in one of your previous work and travel trips. Now, you’re inspired by what you have seen and the people that you’ve met. You sketched the idea on the back of a paper napkin in a rustic cafe, and you want to bring it to life.

Getting started on a project is like running into a maze with endless routes to consider. While the unknown junctures are exciting, it is also challenging to assemble the right team to help you gain traction. You need a foundation to stand up and get an elevated overview of your maze to help you make decisions that will best translate the essence of your idea the way you had intended to be from a napkin sketch to a working model.


Enter The Honest Tech Guys. We find passion in helping you elevate your ideas. These include providing you with a consultation in areas such as:

  • Building your first prototype or,
  • Enhancing your existing app to validate your ideas further
  • Preparation to apply for seed funding
  • Go-to-market launch strategies
  • Sustainability and monetisation paths

We understand that execution boils down to managing resources efficiently throughout the development process. This is why we adopt the Lean App Development Method to help you achieve your top line goals.

How Does Lean App Development Work?

Traditionally, most software companies will request for a launch kit with fully featured specifications seeing it as a first movers advantage. However, recent trends have shifted away from these practices to a more pragmatic approach.

The Lean App Development accounts for changes arising from factors that may affect your App at any stage from cloud computing, regulations and third party compliance (API) whether it is a direct result from new laws or a shift in the market appetite.

We are strategically aligned with our ​Asian, European and American counterparts​ to help you to reach each milestone not by being the cheapest, but by being the most cost-efficient providers. This includes services to support your architectural framework so that you can run a series of iterations until you have reached your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) while managing your top line risk.

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