It’s better when it is made from scratch.

Did you know that in general, two-thirds of people who visits a website end up exiting and they aren’t likely to come back? It’s true. Some of the reasons people leave are due in large to an unpleasant web browsing experience. These include:

  • Slow loading times
  • Jumbled up text
  • Images or videos not loading correctly

While there are plenty of out of the box solutions offered in the marketplace, sometimes the best needs to be made of scratch for a ‘wholesome browsing experience’. Having a responsive website is like inviting a guest into your home. It sure feels more warm and fuzzy if your home is well maintained with the decor that fits your business personality, rather than inviting them to meet you at a rented mass produced shoebox apartment.

Essentially, a Responsive Web Design ensures that your web contents are able to display beautifully on-screen across multi-platform devices so that your audience can connect with your unique brand to understand your value proposition.


Working on your Responsive Web Design

At the Honest Tech Guys, our goal is to provide you with a smooth liquid website that would fit into any container seamlessly (i.e. onto the screens of any device that your customers use). These would include the optimisation of the following:

i) Adaptive screen resolution: To seamlessly adapt your web contents onto any screen sizes for an optimal browsing experience

ii) Flexible visuals: Let your creative team do their best work and not worry about issues with distorted visuals from crushed pixels or loss of image resolution because it will ‘automagically’ adapt to your user’s device

iii) Custom layout structure: No matter how sophisticated your contents are, our team will ensure that your website will handle the loading of the layouts efficiently. Otherwise, we will introduce custom layouts to best for your content needs

iv) Cross Browser Support: To ensure that your website loads from any platform including Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. It’s like giving your web visitors a free Visa, and they can feel confident to browse from any of their preferred platforms.

Contact us at the Honest Tech Guys to discuss an Enterprise Solution that fits your needs. [link]





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