Start Ups

Launching your custom app?

Do you have an app idea you’ve been working on for some time, but you wish you had a team to assist you with all the technical difficulties?

If you have tried an off the shelf app creation toolkit or employed freelancers, but it didn’t really mould to your expectations, speak to our team for a consultation. Perhaps, we may just have something in store for you.

We know that what you want is to choose​ ​a suitable provider to help you build​ your custom app.

However, what you really need is information to help you decide if your idea can be sustained by your business projections down the line.

Contact our team at the Honest Tech Guys to schedule a strategic counsel.

We will help you to assess your objectives and outline the development path tailored to fit your budget before you decide if you should invest further into your business idea. This way, you have a checklist to help you make an informed decision with all the essential information you need before you make your decision.

We will only deploy strategic development in areas critical to helping you to achieve a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By adopting our practice of lean and agile methodologies, you get the benefit of managing your top line risk and monitor your progress from idea through to development and testing.

As a startup, you need to manage your resources efficiently. Not only will you gain face time with our local team, but you will also gain access to our best developers both locally and abroad. Our goal is to help you to design and build your custom app to gain the traction you need efficiently.

Do you need more information about working with the Honest Tech Guys? Contact us





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