For the new age ‘Appreneurs’

The most important part of creating an app is first to validate an idea to find out if it resonates with your target audience.

Web Applications are considered to be the stepping stone for ‘Appreneurs’ who are bootstrapping their startup because it is a lightweight platform that allows for ideas to benefit from use by multi-platform web browsers apart from the access via native app stores such the Apple App Store and Google Play.

As such, most Web Apps tend to relate to utility around web-centric uses for content creators. These also include making applications about social media, writing, editing, planning, productivity, cloud computing, finance and marketing.  In recent trends, Web App seems to be the new direction due to its low barrier of entry that allows user to access full features of the app without downloading and compatible with any web browsers. Since Application’s are beginning to flood the market, its become a daily struggle for Appreneurs to compete for downloads and screen time and in this instance would provide advantage to Web Appreneurs.

The benefits of web applications include [please include individual icons]:

i) Shoestring budget: You save on resources because you do not need dedicated developers to publish native apps for you separately

ii) Express development: Validate your ideas faster compared to publishing on native applications as you do not have to deal with cross-platform compliance on native platforms

iii) No download: Users enjoy a low barrier to entry as there are no software downloads or installations necessary that may increase the use of your Web App

iv) No updates: Users enjoy a maintenance free experience as they do not need to update their Web App. All the updates are centralised and done internally by our development team

v) Multi-platform access: Your Web App is accessible from any device or browsing platform as long as there is an internet connection.


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